Top 10 Biggest Esports Competitions

Until the invention of the Internet, people mostly relied on traditional sports to entertain them; however, today, esports threaten to completely take the spotlight in entertainment. This branch of the entertainment industry is growing in popularity, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore its quick […]

Highest Prize Pool in E-Sports

E-sports are becoming bigger and bigger with each passing year. They are not only recognized as an official group of sports by the Olympic Committee, but they are also, very profitable, provided you and your team are skilled enough. Here are some of the highest […]

Countries with the Best eSports Gamers

Instead of playing video games casually, some gamers decided to commit themselves fully to honing their skills and building their careers in the eSports industry. A good portion of them took advantage of being able to compete on a global level and became so successful […]

Getting a Career in Esports

Esports has been growing for quite some time now, and have proven to be quite a lucrative business. Kids around the world, especially in Asian countries, now want to be professional e-athletes. And why wouldn’t they? Getting paid big bucks just to play video games […]