Getting a Career in Esports

Esports has been growing for quite some time now, and have proven to be quite a lucrative business. Kids around the world, especially in Asian countries, now want to be professional e-athletes. And why wouldn’t they? Getting paid big bucks just to play video games sounds like a dream come true. In 2018, the prize pool for League of Legends World Championship was $6,450,000.00, while the international tournament for DotA 2 was a whopping $25,532,177.00! This leads us to the following question – how can we get into esports?

Play the Game

The most popular choice is to play the game you want to play competitively. To do so, you need a strong gaming machine and a stable internet connection. However, it doesn’t matter how good your setup is if you are not very good. The teams and players out there are very competitive. If you are in the bronze league, it is better to search for another method of getting into the business of esports.

Additionally, when you do play, you need to spend hours on end training. Many future champions start to play only to quit after a few weeks because they can’t take the tempo and often lose focus that is necessary for that level of playing and dedication.


Hosting a tournament requires a ginormous budget, unless you are holding tournaments for the local teams. In that case, you can even start a local league and make a name for yourself. Discussing the latest nerfs and buffs with the players will keep you in the loop concerning the current meta.


Those who can’t do – do live commentary. If you are a show host or a YouTuber, you can turn this in your favor by becoming a sports analyst of sorts. You need to know who the top players and teams are, what is happening on the screen at all times, and get a general sense of the current events. Being able to convey your thoughts clearly and quickly is a plus.


While this is not a career choice, volunteering has proven quite effective in job hunting. It is a great opportunity to work on your networking skills, as well as earn some valuable experience in the field. If you are not a player, volunteering around tournaments or being a part of an organization that hosts them gives you valuable insights about the ins and outs of esports.