Loyalty Programs in Online Casinos – The What and How of Loyalty Programs

Casinos have always tried to entice their potential customers to come, or their current customers to stay. Online casinos are in no way different, except that they can reach a far larger audience and that they can have so many different loyalty programs and promotional bonuses which help both the newcomers and veteran visitors.

Here is what you need to know about loyalty programs in online casinos.

Promotional Codes Might not Apply to Everyone

This is the first and foremost thing you need to explore before you get sucked into the world of bonuses and free stuff. Before you go on, make sure that you understand that not everyone is eligible to get every bonus. Some bonuses are geo-locked, meaning that a person from only a certain area can access it. For example, in the case of this code, bonuscode-nj.com, you need to be from New Jersey.

Some codes require you to place a certain bet before you get a bonus, while others only allow things for fresh accounts. Take note that a fresh account also means a different identity, because no casino allows two accounts for the same person.

The More You Spend the More You Get

Casinos love it when you spend your money on their products, whether betting on sports or playing roulette or card games, money is money. With many casinos, spending money gets you free bonuses. Some reward their high-spending customers with more bonuses, either as multipliers or as free bets or spins.

Free Deposit Money and Bonus Deposit Money

Free deposit money is often given to a customer when they create a new account. Some require promotional codes, others reward any customer with a free deposit, or rather, a bonus deposit. In almost all cases, you need to make your first deposit before you get a bonus one.

Many casinos have weeks or weekends where you can get free deposits. Often, these bonuses require some criteria to be met, so always keep that in mind. Free usually comes after you already pay.

Money Over Time – The Long Game

Depending on your bankroll, selecting one casino or another can be more or less profitable. Someone with a very small bankroll should just pick any casino, most preferably the one which has the biggest sign-up bonuses.

Those with more money should do research on which casino rewards long-term customers the most. If gambling is an activity which you practice more than once every month, then searching for a casino with a great loyalty program can be beneficial, strictly financially speaking.

The Hidden Rewards

These are not really hidden, but customers who spend a lot of money tend to get some really nice gifts. Some are taken out for meals, while others get paid plane tickets and accommodation at the site’s land casino. These rewards are often not talked about on any page of any site, but are reserved for those customers who spend a lot every month. The budget varies, but it is often over 5000 dollars.

These are some of the things casinos do to entice their customers to come and stay. Depending on the level of play and the deposit amount, these promotions and loyalty program rewards can vary. Regardless, one should always make sure to read the fine print, of anything free, not just casino deposits.