What Are Welcome Bonuses in Online Gambling

Online gambling has its perks, compared to traditional gambling, in casinos or sportsbooks. Online gambling, besides offering mobility and ease of use, access and withdrawing your funds, as well as depositing them and filling out your ticket and accessing your game of choice, also offers you various promotional bonuses.

One of those bonuses is a welcome bonus, meant for new accounts. Some casinos offer very vague descriptions of their bonuses when they present them to you, so you need to resort to third-party reviews to get an idea of what this bonus actually requires of you, as almost nothing is free in the world.

Here is what you need to know about this kind of promos.

What Are Welcome Bonuses

They are exactly what their name says, a bonus which you receive as a welcome gift, upon creating your account. What you do not often realize is that the bonuses apply only to one account, and you can create only one with your ID and that they also apply after you meet certain terms of service. This is why you should find out the details of how to actually claim the bonus.

Why Do They Exist

The world of online casinos and sportsbooks was competitive even 15 years ago, but today, there are so many sites and almost anyone with enough money and a license can start their own site. Welcome bonuses are an obligatory part of advertising, meant to entice new users to join. They also do well in enticing regular users, as well, given that anyone who is a problem gambler will likely take any bonus.

How to Claim Them

Welcome bonuses are usually straightforward, requiring you to do nothing other than registering a new account on a site. Some bonuses come with promotional codes, which you can either obtain at the site itself if you browse it long enough and are greeted by a pop-up or through third-party sites, partners, affiliates or even review sites. Yes, reviews sites also give out promotional codes, especially to some of the better online casinos and sportsbooks.

How To Actually Use a Welcome Bonus

After you claim your bonus, you still have to get it and use it. Whether you get your bonus depends on whether you meet the terms of service. Some are restrictive and people from a certain country are the only ones that can claim them.

Other bonuses are more lenient and anyone of a legal gambling age can claim them. Then come the caveats.

In order to get a welcome bonus, usually more money, or money matching your deposit, you have to already make a deposit. When it comes to sportsbooks, you have to make a certain number of bets and to meet the minimal odds.

How to Spot Scam Bonuses

Scam bonuses can easily be spotted, whether by the address from which they arrived in your spam folder or if the link they lead to is not the actual link of a casino or sportsbook. Always double check that bonus and check whether it took you to the right link.

Some scammers can copy the bonus so that it looks identically like the bonus of a popular brand, but the link takes you to a similar address, for example, bet-ting.com instead of betting.com. In any case, check with the actual site and check the site itself for licenses and reviews to make sure you do not get scammed.

This is all you need to know about welcome bonuses, how to claim and use them, and what to do before making any deposit, in order to make sure that you get a legitimate and fair bonus.