Countries with the Best eSports Gamers

Instead of playing video games casually, some gamers decided to commit themselves fully to honing their skills and building their careers in the eSports industry. A good portion of them took advantage of being able to compete on a global level and became so successful that they have attained enough fame to be considered superstars in the world of video games. However, have you ever wondered which country has the best eSports gamers?

  1. South Korea

South Korea was one of the first countries that popularised eSports. The best of the best gamers in South Korea enjoy the same popularity as, for example, rock stars in America, so it comes as no surprise that this country has the largest number of eSports gamers.

Some of the newest South Korean superstars include Overwatch players like Stich and Fly. However, South Korea also has a lot of eSports veterans that have been playing Starcraft II for a long time, such as Maru, Innovation, Rogue, Byun and many more, as well as Warcraft III legends like Moon, Lyn, FoCuS and others.

  1. China

Similar to South Korea, China was another country to quickly adopt eSports as a regular sport and holds professional gamers in high regard. Their players have been active for decades, and some of the best-known ones play Dota 2, League of Legends, Starcraft II, Warcraft III, Overwatch, and many other games.

The legends of Warcraft III are TH000, Infi, Sky, and Fly100%, while the most popular Chinese players that play Dota 2 are fy, iceiceice, Banana, and Sylar. Regardless of the game, the Chinese eSports scene is extremely competitive!

  1. USA

The USA has an excellent variety of professional gamers. In Dota 2, some of the most prominent names are Universe and ppd, and in CS: GO those names include Stewie2K and Tarik. They also have professional gamers in Fortnite, like Tfue and Bizzie, as well as Hearthstone players like Firebat, Dog, and fr0zen.

Moreover, the US roster also includes Halo 5 gamers like Lethul and SnakeBite, as well as League of Legends superstars like Doublelift and Sneaky.

  1. Sweden

Even though Sweden has a lot of popular players across the globe, the Swedes are best-known for their proficiency in Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. Players like olofmeister, JW, flush, Krimz, f0rest, GeT_RiGhT, and Xizt are legends among the fans of Counter-Strike, while s4, Zai and pieliedie are continuously impressing Dota 2 enthusiasts.

  1. Germany

Germany is another country on the list that represents Europe in the eSports industry. The most famous players hailing from Germany are Kuroky, FATA and Black^, and all of them play Dota 2. Apart from them, other recognizable names include BunnyHoppor, Viper and Kasie who play Hearthstone, ShoWTimE that plays Starcraft II, and NinjaDimi, a well-known SMITE player.