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5 Major Predictions for the eSports Industry

Esports is much more popular than people would expect. The 2019 League of Legends World Championship has had over 100 million unique views, which is a lot for a video game championship. That tells a story of its own. Bookmakers started loving esports, as it brings in a lot of money and a lot of new customers. They often encourage the said customers to join, by using various promotional codes and bonuses like this 22Bet bonus, as well as many other offers. Esports bettors are aplenty and they have started visiting betting sites to find tips and predictions. With the off-season being active in most esports titles, the next season is building up to be interesting. If you want to get ahead of the curve, here are the top 5 major predictions for the upcoming esports events.

G2 Esports will Win the Next LEC Split

G2 Esports has built a super team which dominated the 2019 seasons, both Spring and Summer, having only some competition in the Summer split from none other than Fnatic. With the off-season almost being over, G2 announced early that they will have no changes in their main roster which consists of Wunder, top, Jankos, jungle, Caps, mid, Perkz, adc and Mikyx, support. There are rumors that Caps and Perkz will switch roles. Both of them are mid laners but are excellent on multiple champions and can fill both roles easily. Their synergy and team spirit puts them ahead of the rest of the teams, by far. The only competitor is Fnatic, so be on the lookout for the orange and black.

Astralis Will Win the Next Major

Astralis, the quiet killers in CS: GO are quite the team. They are not considered to be the best talents in their respective positions, yet as a unit, they are finding much more success than other teams. The team consists of gla1ve, the captain/rifler, dev1ce, the main AWP, Xyp9x, support rifler, dupreeh, entry fragger and Magisk, lurker. The team has been the same since 2018 and has been dominating for a long time. They are very likely to win the next major. Their coach, zonic, got the Coach of the Year Award at the Esports Awards 2019.

OG Will Win the Next International

This seems bold, but it might end up being true. OG won the International of 2018 and 2019, being the first ever team to do it twice in a row. They have proven to be a stable team and have not changed their roster for the past two years. Why change something if it is not broken. Their team consists of ana, Topson, Ceb, JerAx and N0tail.

China Will Win the Next Overwatch World Cup

China had a great showing at both the 2018 and 2019 World Cup. They have changed their players since but they have also remained dedicated to the goal of winning the World Cup, especially with coming in second twice in a row. 

NRG Will Win the Next RLCS Season – North America

NRG have won both the previous seasons in North America, as well as the 2019 Finals, making them the current best team in the world. They are looking to repeat their success in 2020.

These are the five major predictions for the upcoming seasons in multiple esports titles.