How to Bet Online Using Cryptocurrency

How to Bet Online Using Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most revolutionary means of making payments in the modern world. In fact, at online betting sites is one area where digital currencies have developed to be the best payment making choice.


Currently, there are lots of gambling sites, such as this one wich also offers TVG promo code, that accept this form of digital currency and some are even exclusively accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. So, how can you make deposits and withdrawal in such scenarios? You are going to find about in a minute. But before we get there, here are the advantages of using this form of payment as you game online.

Why Use Cryptocurrency?

Some of the advantages of that make this digital currency a better option are such as:

  • Transaction speed: All transactions are directly made, no banks or third parties concerned.
  • Low charges: With no negotiators looking for their cut, cryptocurrencies keep transaction charges low.
  • Security: Cryptocurrencies can never be forged like Credit cards, assuring players of additional security.
  • Worldwide access: Even in countries where betting is seriously limited, using cryptocurrency is an option for avoiding these rules because it’s sometimes not deemed to be gambling with real money.
  • Player anonymity: Your personal information can never be viewed by anyone else.

How to Bet Online Using Cryptocurrency

Using cryptocurrencies for online gambling is not as difficult as you may assume. Payments are managed through a given scheme including various elements such as cryptocurrency sellers, wallets, and exchanges. Below is the procedure of betting online using cryptocurrencies:

  1. Register for a crypto wallet

Pick from a range of wallet sites and mobile apps which allow you to send and receive the digital currency at will. Every cryptocurrency wallet comes with an open address through which you can send and receive money.

  1. Buy coins

You have to buy coins from a market where people buy/sell coins since cryptocurrency coins are not free. After registering at a legit site, buy the cryptocurrency via an exchange site or even ask your friend if they are willing to exchange.

  1. Set up your gaming account:

After adding coins to your wallet, you’re now ready to stake on your desired games. Find a gaming site that accepts digital coins as a payment means and registering an account there.

  1. Depositing

Send the digital coins from your main cryptocurrency wallet to the gaming wallet via the public address keys of your gaming wallet. This transaction will take place almost instantly.

  1. Withdrawing

The withdrawal process is just but a reverse of the deposit procedure. After you win some real money on your bets, the process of receiving your wins will be equally as fast as the deposit since there are no third parties involved.



How simple was that? As you have clearly seen, there’s nothing complicated about loading and cashing out some bankroll using cryptocurrency like bitcoin. The next time you have an itch for taking a few betting rounds, try it at the crypto sites and you’ll be impressed with the efficiency!