How to Bet on eSports Tournaments Like A Pro

How to Bet on eSports Tournaments Like A Pro

eSports, which is a short form for electronic sports is where people compete in playing video games as a sport. The most recent reports show that the eSports gambling industry is worth more than ten billion dollars. Clearly, a lot more people are betting on this game and if you are a fan of video games, you shouldn’t be left out.

eSports Tournament

To make some money with this new generation of online gambling, you should know how to bet on them, for example with a William Hill Promo Code Canada 2018. After going through the tips below you will have a much better chance of landing on a solid win in eSports wagers.

Understand the Games

Reportedly, there are approximately more than one billion people who play video games in many different forms. Not all these gamers play against each other of course, but there are some people who play solely just for fun. These are referred to as casual gamers. One the other hand, there are professional players who signup for online contests and take part in them in a more organized manner. This is where you can now bet on who wins.

In some of the biggest tournaments, players competing for up to millions of dollars. This professional eSports are played in front of large audiences physically present in the arena as well online via YouTube and twitch TV. Some of the most popular games played include;

  • Battle Field
  • Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
  • Counter Strike
  • Dota
  • Fifa Footbal/Soccer
  • Halo
  • Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft
  • Heroes of Storm

Understand how each of the games are played or just pick a favorite and you will have better judgement when the time for placing some real money wagers comes.

Research Competing Players in the Tournaments

For you to win in eSports betting you will have to take no chances at all. You must do extensive research on the players who are going to compete in that tournament before you bet on them. This will enable you to narrow your search from the worst player to the best player.

Online tournament

Understand the Odds of the Games

For your information, wagering in eSports is very different compared to other types of games most people wager on like football. For example, you find that, in soccer, you are wagering in whole team, everybody in that team has to contribute to their win. But in eSports you are wagering only on an individual so the odds must just be different. You must understand how the odds are calculated before placing a real money wager.

Summing it All Up

Just as a recap, pick a game, understand how it is played and the odds that come during the process of betting. Finally, to have a surefire chance of placing some winning bets, do some background research on the all the players and pick one with a solid track record. With all that covered, you will enjoy the action and at the end of it all, make some solid returns on your bets.