Difference Between Betting on eSports and Regular Sports

Difference Between Betting on eSports and Regular Sports

Nowadays, when you think about sports betting, you will almost always find regular sports and electronic sports (eSports) in sportsbooks.  Most people assume that they are the same but in real sense, they have a host of differences. So, to clear things up, we are going to cover many of the ways eSports and regular betting are different in today’s post. Let’s get right to it!

1. Less variables

First, when betting on regular sports such as football, there are numerous considerations that can influence the result. For instance, the weather conditions, the fitness of the player or pet (for horseraces and greyhound races) and whether the teams are playing home or away.

For eSports, on the other hand, most of these circumstances are far less spoken and basically not an issue. In big tournaments all the gamers use similar hardware, they sit in luxurious chairs secured from the components and play. The eSports teams are also limited to 5 participants, with a number of subs just in case one gets an injury in the preface. With fewer players to be anxious of, it’s simpler predicting results. Looks like usual ability aside, the main consideration is whether these participants are able to keep their calm with a stadium full of shouting gamers before them.

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2. Bonuses and Promotions

Even though both electronic and conventional sports offer free bets, deposit bonuses and cashback rewards, there is a huge difference in the sums of money involved.  eSports betting sites offer players a much bigger and more lucrative range of promotions and bonuses such as bet365 bonus code canada compared to regular sports like football and tennis.

3. Understanding of Games

Given the continuous advancements in technology and eSports gaming taking the world by storm. As such, it can be extremely fast and difficult to follow, access and to know which players are more successful than others. This happens especially if you are not an avid video gamer.

For instance, if you look at League of Legends or Hearthstone: Heroes, of Warcraft you have to be able to understand what is going on in order to enjoy, bet and win. Additionally, if you happen to have played S1 quit then come back to S4, it will feel like it’s almost a completely different game.

On the contrary, when it comes to regular sports in online gambling sites nothing changes over a period of time and you don’t need to be an expert to bet. For instance, if you watch a soccer or hockey game, you instantly know what’s going on even if you had stopped betting for a while then came back after 5years.

Gamer-Gambler Interaction

4. Gamer-Gambler Interaction

In eSports, gamers stream themselves, visit forums, respond to tweets, and in general occupy the similar spaces as their supporters. This implies that it’s simple finding important information to make those healthy more updated bets as opposed to traditional sports where we don’t see the inside real world of most proficient players. For sure, we don’t see them posting on football enthusiast forums and their interaction with fans is somewhat limited.


eSports betting has indeed grown fast and it’s taking the online world by surprise. It takes some time for you to get used to it but once you immerse yourself in this exclusive market there are numerous rewards apart from the adrenaline-filled entertainment.