The Most Thrilling eSports Games You Can Play Online

The Most Thrilling eSports Games You Can Play Online

eSports, also referred to as electronic sports, are a video games-enabled form of competition. Most frequently, eSports are systemized, multiplayer video game contests, specifically between the pro video gaming competitors. The most popular video game categories related to eSports are MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), fighting, FPS (first person shooter) and real-time strategy. You will find them in the highest rated betting sites like Bet365, 888 Sport and William Hill.

eSports Games

If you would like to start off playing these games but don’t actually know where to kick off then today you are going to find out all you need to know. We are going to cover the most exciting titles as well as their total prize money. whether you are a rookie or an expert gambler the games highlighted below present huge money-spinning opportunities waiting to be tapped. Here we go:

1. League of Legends

With Riot’s venture into viable games, their biggest hit to date is the League of Legends. They started off with Defense of the Ancients mod in Warcraft 3 and that’s what boosted the popularity of MOBA. From there, the release of League of Legends that strengthened the variety that they offer and it has come to be one of the finest titles across the globe

It was the earliest MOBA that built as a complete game. In this MOBA, you play a summoner’s role and you select a champion to control. That progressively levels up and becomes more commanding as the game proceeds. Nonetheless, it’s a team based game, so you team up with a group of other gamers with the goal of taking down the base of the opposing team. If you are looking for some adrenaline pumping action from the word go, then this is the eSports game you should take on at online casinos.

Recorded tournaments: 1706
Prize Money: $28,691,533

2. Dota 2

With the prevalence of Defense of the Ancients: All Stars was as a Warcraft III mod, Valve involved the mod’s creator with obtaining the IP who then got to work on complete outcome. The game was successful immediately after its announcement and has been competing stiffly with League of Legends. The gameplay of the two games is similar; the player operating as section of a 5-man team directs a hero having exclusive powers, that levels up, becoming sturdier as the game advances, with the intention of destroying the other team’s base. If you are in it for both the action and the money, you have a winner here!

Recorded tournaments: 606
Prize Money: $60,421,437

3. Counter-Strike

This initially took off as mod of Half-life, and since then, it has been a vital game in eSports. After the launch of Half Life 2, it was remastered in Valve’s source engine. For quite some time now, it has been the most widespread eSports FSPS. The main theme revolves around fights between a team of terrorists against a team of counter-terrorists to see who has the ability of completing the mission goal or excluding the other team first. There’s a ton of money here to be won if you play smart and take the appropriate strategy.


Recorded tournaments: 571
Prize money:


Pick any top-rated sports betting site where you can bet on all the above exclusive title. One of the best things about these eSports games is that you can either bet on the most skilled gamers or teams taking part or you can take part yourself to control your destiny. Happy gaming!