The Impact of Advanced Technology on Online Gambling

The Impact of Advanced Technology on Online Gambling

With the massive revolution that has taken place in the iGaming industry, things have taken quite an interesting turn on the way we currently bet online.  In fact, latest reports show that this market has been able to generate more than $42 billion dollars by 2017 and it is growing exponentially per year. With such huge numbers, there’s no denying that something remarkable is going on in this industry, thanks to technological advancements. So, to help you understand how technology has changed online gambling, we are going to discuss its impact in today’s post. Here we go!

1. Mobile and Smartwatch Gambling

We both know that the vast majority of people in the world own at least one smartphone. This means that these people are able to access the internet wherever they are. As a result, all the most popular casinos were able to exploit this advantage by developing mobile casinos. Currently, it’s hard to find a betting site which can’t be accessed via mobile.

Mobile and Smartwatch Gambling

Additionally, some exceptional mobile apps for casinos have been developed to run on the mobile devices. The best thing about it is that playing on mobile is similar gaming on the full site, with the advantage of enjoying your favorite games irrespective of your geographical location.

To make things even more interesting, the release of smartwatches led to the development of native smartwatch apps for casino sites. Now, betting is as easy as swiping or tapping your wrist as long as you have the means. This kind of accessibility is one of the reasons why the number of online gamers has been constantly increasing.

2. Bitcoin

When online casinos were formed, they were facing a huge problem when it comes to the security of financial transactions for the players. Furthermore, because the transactions for banking options at online casinos are processed via third parties, it may be rather costly and could take days for players to start enjoying their payout.

Thankfully, with the introduction of bitcoin and blockchain technology in iGaming, it looks like all that is going to be history. Due to their cryptic and sophisticated nature of these two, casino owners who are already into the cryptocurrency had stopped worrying about hackers. Transaction speeds, on the other hand, are cheaper and they take a matter of seconds with digital currency.

Advanced Live and VR casinos

It all started with live betting and this did a remarkable job of quenching the thirst of those who wanted the actual casino experience but had no time or means to travel all the way.

After the introduction of virtual reality in iGaming, things are even more exciting. You can now experience a more realistic environment as you game through the VR gear. From the look of things, it will get even more mind-blowing once augmented reality is fully integrated into the near future!

Advanced Live and VR casinos

Bottom line

Truly, technology has led to a whole new level of online gaming which was unimaginable a few decades ago. If you haven’t tried out the VR technology yet, you should make a point of doing so as it’s quite breathtaking.

A word of advice from us, however, is that with these new advancements, iGaming is not only more exciting but also more addictive. If you have even the slightest feeling of lost control, get professional help right away!