The Best Gaming Equipment for Esports

Esports requires lots of gaming equipment, from a first-grade PC to the chairs, keyboards and mice. There are plenty of things a gamer needs, so here are the best brands for different types of necessities for esports.

Hardware – The Heart of Your System

The main thing a gamer should be concerned with is a fast CPU and a relatively modest graphics card. When it comes to CPUs, you have two choices, either Intel or AMD, and any of those is fine, whether high refresh rate esports titles or triple-A competitive games.

For the graphics cards, you also have two choices, Nvidia and AMD, either of which is fine, again, regardless of the type of game you play. Some games favor one vendor over another, but the differences are often negligible.

The next important thing to look for is a high refresh rate monitor. There are plenty of great monitors out there, from manufacturers such as Asus, AOC, Gigabyte, MSI, ViewSonic, Viotek, Pixio and many more. Do a little research on the monitor before you buy it. Just because it says it supports a certain refresh rate, things may vary due to latencies and other issues.


Mechanical keyboards are considered essential for competitive gaming. There are plenty of manufacturers, like Corsair, Razer and Logitech. More importantly, the switches inside the keyboards should be a higher priority. Cherry MX switches are often the most sought after, every other brand battling for second place.


A mouse is important for a gamer, especially those playing first-person shooters, or those playing real-time strategy games. The type of mouse depends on your genre. A simple mouse is great for shooters, while ones with more buttons do great in MMORPGs. Companies which make great mice are Corsair, Razer and Logitech, once more.

Gaming Chairs

Ever since esports became somewhat popular, gaming chairs have started popping up all over the internet. It was not until the racing style gaming chairs appeared that they became widespread. Nowadays, every esports athlete needs a gaming chair in order to stay healthy, as they do spend most of their professional hours sitting. There are plenty of great chair manufacturers, like AKRacing, DXRacer and noblechairs. Each of them has many great chairs, from simpler office ones to very comfortable, full-leather gaming ones.

Wrist Support

Gamers suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, which can end many a gamer’s career too soon. Wrist support is important, from wrist bands to regular exercise. Often, physical therapists are present in every serious esports team’s staff.

These are the things that you need if you want to become a professional esports athlete. There are other details you could tackle, but those come after you get the necessary basics.