Top 10 Biggest Esports Competitions

Until the invention of the Internet, people mostly relied on traditional sports to entertain them; however, today, esports threaten to completely take the spotlight in entertainment. Not only do people enjoy watching esports tournaments,  but they also like betting on them, and options like betfair […]

A Brief History of Gambling

People have always sought ways to relieve their boredom and pass the time. In fact, it has probably been around as long as human beings have, as it remained one of the most popular modes of entertainment. Although things like knitting and reading might help, […]

Highest Prize Pool in E-Sports

E-sports are becoming bigger and bigger with each passing year. They are not only recognized as an official group of sports by the Olympic Committee, but they are also, very profitable, provided you and your team are skilled enough. Here are some of the highest […]