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Starting Over: The New Pixel Clouds

Where it all began.

I launched Pixel Clouds back in February 2010. Following a week of brainstorming, trying to come up with a good name, I settled with ‘Pixel Clouds’. Four and half years later, I still love the name. The aim when I started this blog was for it to be a place for designers to find inspiration for their work. When it launched, I hadn’t even opened Photoshop. It was pretty much the first thing I did in the design universe. Setting out, it was blogs like Three Styles (dead), Visual Swirl (inactive), Tutorial9 (inactive), PSDVibe (inactive), and Abduzeedo, amongst others that inspired me and eventually led me to become a designer.

Pixel Clouds

2010. V1 of Pixel Clouds (Now V4). Dell, Asus, Wacom, Windows 7…

The first couple of years were great. Pixel Clouds had been featured all over and I met some really great people. It gave me a small passive income; enough to avoid taking a Saturday job.

Every Sunday morning, the sun shining into my bedroom, I would set myself down and find something inspiring to share with others. It was great.


In 2012 the website was badly hacked and took around 3 months working on and off to repair every post.

Over time I shifted toward freelance work as my design skills improved. Combined with monotonous college work, I lost motivation. Things got messy. I sold out for cheap, nasty links and ads. The quality of articles deteriorated and I stopped writing them myself; instead publishing any guest post that was sent my way.

So I thought I’d start over.

Pixel Clouds is back. The new design is here to focus purely on nothing but the articles themselves. There will be no email sign ups or sponsored posts. From now on, all articles will be by myself, and myself only. Some will be short and sweet; things that serve to inspire me. Others will be in-depth, such as design tutorials. They will be simple and easy to read on any device. And hopefully they will accomplish what I had intended from the start; to inspire you.

Here’s to the next four and a half years! :-)

~ Ben

Note: All old articles are still live, but will not be linked to via the homepage.

Thanks to Laurens & Rob for their great contributions over the last couple of years.

- By Ben Bate

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