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A Collection of Beautiful Minimalist App Icons

iPhone, iPad and smartphone users tend to appreciate great design – after all, in many cases that’s why they paid a premium to buy a well designed device over a cheaper, but perhaps lower quality version. Regular smartphone users are becoming more and more accustomed to beautiful, aesthetically pleasing interfaces and it seems like each new app that comes out only raises the bar higher. The latest mobile Facebook app is clean and easy to use, the Path iPhone app is innovative, stylish and slick and the Clear to-do app is fun, colourful and vibrant. Now that great, creative and thoughtful design has become a necessity for a mobile app, how do you stand out and earn your place on the user’s home screen?

Sometimes, minimalism is the way forward. Despite looking simple, minimalistic designs often require the most work. It’s about removing the clutter, getting rid of anything that doesn’t need to be there and leaving only the essence. Minimalist designs do their job well, can be much simpler and easier to use, can have a beautiful and wonderfully simple interface and be remarkable precisely because they’re not as cluttered and feature heavy as other designs.

Of course, it’s also incredibly challenging to create a minimalist design – far harder than it looks, and can take hours, days or weeks to truly perfect each icon. That’s why we’ve brought together a collection of truly inspired, creative and beautifully crafted minimalist app icons. Some of these icons are for real, existing apps while others are unsolicited attempts at redesigning existing icons to give them a simple, clean, minimalist style – but all of them have had a lot of care, attention and thought go into them. We hope that you find the collection a useful source of inspiration for your next app icon design project.


Have you found any beautiful, creative and minimalist icons that you think deserve a mention? Please do let us know in the comments.


- By Ben Bate

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