20 Creative Business Card Designs

Today on Pixel Clouds we have a showcase of 20 creative business card designs printed using the finest materials and equipment.

Whitescape Corporate Card

Impulcity Business Card

Unique Letterpress Design

Space Invaders Business Card Design

Recording Studio 5 Design

Two Toned Design

Beer Table In Brooklyn

Acrylic Business Card

Beautiful Square Letterpress

Colorful Transparent Card Design

Flywheel Design Identity

Glow in the Dark Cards

World’s Most Expensive Business Card

Junpiter Football

Red & Black Design

Dog Treat Cards

Hand Stitched Business Cards

Handmade Thread Embroidered Cards

Le Tank Creative

Which was your favourite? Leave a comment below!

Written by Ben Bate

Interface Designer. Currently working on LoveUI.co.

  • custombetty57

    In a networking session, I was given a wooden business card and man was it cool. I found out the guy used Unique Custom Products in Colorado. I called them, they did a great job, and I got them just a few days later. Try them out…I am very happy! I called Ormond at (877) 282-9591 or visit their website at http://www.uniquecustomproducts.com

November 17, 2012 Inspiration, Print