10 Beautiful Web Design PSDs

Today on Pixel Clouds we have a collection of 10 beautiful web design freebies, hand-picked from across the web. Whether it is a web template, UI element or login form, free PSD’s can enhance your designs and projects considerably. They are also great for developers as well as designers looking to create prototypes or just use the PSD as it is. Should you wish to customise the PSDs, all are organised for efficient usage and editing. The following lists 10 powerful print-web design marketing combinations you can use to grow your business. Enjoy…


1) Pricing tables

Pricing tables

2) Layman Politics Web Template

Layman Politics

3) Dashboard UI Design

Dashboard UI Design

4) Minimalist Dark Psd Web UI Set

Minimalist Dark Psd Web UI Set

5) Dark Chart UI Kit

Dark Chart UI Kit

6) Simple Light Navigation

Simple Light Navigation

7) Clean & Simple Login Form

Clean & Simple Login Form

8) Dead Stocker

Dead Stocker

9) Gastronymous


10) Corked Screwer

Corked Screwer

Written by Ben Bate

Interface Designer. Currently working on LoveUI.co.

November 9, 2012 Freebies, Resources