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20 Awesome Web Designer Portfolio Websites

We can easily divide the web designer portfolio websites into two types. First is in which a designer tries to create an outstanding website with awesome looks and a super code. While the second type is and which I personally prefer, is where the designer goes for a minimalist and clean design so that the user’s eye is not distracted by the design itself and can focus more on the portfolio items.  A designer’s portfolio is the biggest tool he has for marketing his services, and with the job market getting more competitive with each passing day you should make sure that once a client reaches your portfolio and takes a look at it he hires your services.

Today we will be sharing with you some of the best web design portfolio websites that we have found over the net. These 20 awesome looking and cleverly created websites are both from freelance designers and design studios. Hope you will gain inspiration from them for creating a great portfolio for yourself.


Filip Slovacek


Forever Heavy


Elegant Seagulls


Milan Chudoba


Julien Renvoye


Leo Tartari


Greg Thompson


Mark Hobbs


Andrew Tebbott


Alexis Garnier


Aleks Faure


Mohiuddin Parekh


Fitz Fitzpatrick


Ljuk Mynus Kovac


Oven Bits


Stephen Gacheru


Hugo Rodrigues


Phil Martinez


Kardo Ayoub


- By Ben Bate

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