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5 Eye-Catching Landing Pages

Having a clean, compelling landing page is a must when it comes to engaging even the most casual browsers and driving conversions. And, thanks to A/B testing, eye tracking studies, and a host of design principles, we have a better sense than ever as to what kind of design works and what falls shorts. Yet with trends changing so quickly, it can be hard to keep up with the latest and the greatest. That’s why we’re taking a deeper look at 5 well crafted landing pages that get it just right, and offering a few “hows” behind the “whats.” Enjoy the post and if you are left feeling inspired, why not create your own eye-catching website with ecommerce software from Shopify.


5. Tastebook


Why This Site Makes the List:
Admission: As a foodie, it was kind of impossible not to include Tastebook on this list. What can I say? I’m a sucker for enticing pictures of food. That said, the site designer’s aren’t overly tempted by such photos, sticking instead to a more functional photo of a cookbook as the feature, which presents clear functionality and value. The three tabs above the photo do a nice, organized job of presenting the site’s three main offerings. Best of all: the search box makes action steps clear by suggesting the types of keywords to true, rather than just offering a generic, “Search.”


4. Shutterstock Photography


Why This Site Makes the List:
This page is a great example of concision and clarity. The tagline is a direct statement that makes it easy to understand what the site is about and what value it can offer. The colorful, sharp photos don’t just capture the eye; they give us a clear sense of the variety and quality of photos inside. The search box tempts you deeper into the site. And all of this above the fold. Remind you of any other successful companies with just a search bar on their home page?


3. Wistia


Why This Site Makes the List:
This page is a great example of how sometimes simplicity is best. This is a site that clearly knows the concerns of its audience, articulating the very questions that business owners and marketers wonder all the time. Taking a chapter out of the Dropbox homepage video textbook, Wistia breaks down what could otherwise be a difficult concept to understand via video and in under a minute. A enticing “how it works” sits just above the fold, encouraging relevant site visitors to scroll lower to learn more.


2. Dollar Shave Club


Why This Site Makes the List:
Web marketers DROOLED when this video first released on the landing page of this startup. Winning them not only national attention, but also many awards in advertising, including the “out of nowhere video award” from AdAge. It makes sense that it now remains featured on their home page, along with a rustic theme that screams “manly” at the demographic they’re trying to reach.


1. Polytown


Why This Site Makes the List:
There is something to be said about focusing on the one thing you are best at, and predominantly displaying that on your website. Poytown creates 3D architecture renderings, that, without specific knowledge of their business, one might look at these images and assume they are real photos.


- By Rob

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