Creative and Inspiring Workplaces

Our workplace can change the way we think, affect our mood and inspire our imagination. Here, I have brought together a collection of creative and inspiring workplaces.

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Written by Ben Bate

Visual Designer & Owner of Pixel Clouds

  • un tipo feliz

    OMG, it´s full of Macs!

  • ditatompel

    Ahh.. these places full of peace and light. looks really comfortable.

  • sunil


    It really wonderful design. i like it very much.

  • Teylor Feliz

    Beautiful workspaces!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Sergei Tatarinov

    What I’ve just seen was a showcase of Macs..

  • Kshiraj Telang

    Very beautiful! Here’s my workspace:

    Hope you all like it.

  • Terrible Timmy

    @Sergei, would you prefer to see cheap plastic PC’s in there? :)

  • Cari

    I totally agree! The working space is so important for everyone.

  • Clayton Johnson

    Love this! Great inspiration for my new house. It IS full of macs… haha.

  • Frank Suyker

    Some nice workplaces!

    See also my guest post on this site:

  • grayhead

    omg.. What they do?

  • Chris

    nice spaces, thanks. I especially liked the ones with natural wood; creates a balance between technological and the traditional, and is “centering”, too.

  • Karilee the Marketing Coach

    Nice variety in the pics. The mushroom is pretty special – I wonder who thought that up?

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • El

    Great spaces.
    I could borrow some of them

  • Tim

    Surprised the IDEO office wasn’t on the list.

  • Actor Headshots

    Wow! Pretty colorful. With a work place like these, you will really be inspired to make some good photos.

  • denver limousine Service

    for me a i like the room with the color orange very beautiful thank you for this great pictures

  • Kelly

    wow, these are really incredible. nice work!

  • Matt

    Lots of great ideas for offices, the mushroom reminded me of super mario!

  • James Watson

    Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing. I could work for 24 hrs if somebody offered me one of these workplaces!

July 19, 2010 Architecture, Inspiration